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Innovation in Urban Street Furniture

Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens have designed a new kind of outdoor furniture that can be pumped out of the pavement by people in the community.  There is a hydraulic system that allows you to adjust the furniture to any height. You could make a bench or a picnic table.  @toxel




Chinese Artist Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin uses camouflage to blend in with his environment. From what i’ve read he does this to “draw attention to the diminishing humanity in today’s society.” It’s amazing!

Ikea 3D Chalk Art live from Sydney Harbor Australia

Sometimes marketing is all about perception and not reality. IKEA capitalized on this by putting their brand new kitchen “in” or is it “on”  the Sydney Harbor area?You be the judge.


Did the Ogilvy Creative team of Gary Caulfield, Millaty Ismail, and Alfa Aphrodita steal the UPS idea from NYC Artist Ryan Johnson

This is a follow up to yesterdays post.  I found out this morning that there is a NYC artist named Ryan Johnson who created the below. Ogilvy claims their creative team never saw Johnson’s work but after comparing the two there is no way the Ogilvy creative team came up with this on their own. What do you think?

UPS in super slow motion

UPS created this “make you look twice” person in motion for the streets of Jakarta. I was never that good with popsicle sticks.

Formula One racing on the streets of London anyone?

Red Bull has a knack for making the impossible happen. Last time I tried to race my Formula 1 race car in London they gave me a very expensive ticket.

Red Bull managed to get permission for Driver Mark Webber to drive through london and pull up to the Houses of Parliament for a pit stop.