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Art director Maximilian Pinegger and copywriter Justin Salice-Stephan, two 24-year-old’s from Miami Ad School designed this  airport luggage carousel guerrilla ad for the car and its roomy trunk. Amazing work guys!


Formula One racing on the streets of London anyone?

Red Bull has a knack for making the impossible happen. Last time I tried to race my Formula 1 race car in London they gave me a very expensive ticket.

Red Bull managed to get permission for Driver Mark Webber to drive through london and pull up to the Houses of Parliament for a pit stop.

Smart Marketing

A cute guerilla marketing campaign via BBDO Canada for Smart Car. I guarantee there will be at least one person who tries to steal it.

Melting away

How do you bring more attention to the melting ice in the arctic regions? If you’re the German World Wide Fund for Nature you place 1,000 ice sculptures in the shape of sitting humans on the steps of the German capital at noon. As the sun slowly melted them away the impression they left was sad.


Speeders Beware

These signs should get some of those notorious speeders thinking and slowing down. Each mile you drive over the speed limit increases  your stay in hospital or the odds you will get in an accident. A very creative use of roadside speed signs.


Guerilla Graffiti in the UK

This team of guerilla graffiti artists executed this in the dead of night and on a building directly across from the UK’s MI6 office. Smart? Looks like they got the attention they wanted.

Zit Zat and the other

This would get my attention if I had an Acne problem but not sure it would drive me to purchase the product. Either way, I love the creativity. Belay onclearex_wall