Did the Ogilvy Creative team of Gary Caulfield, Millaty Ismail, and Alfa Aphrodita steal the UPS idea from NYC Artist Ryan Johnson

This is a follow up to yesterdays post.  I found out this morning that there is a NYC artist named Ryan Johnson who created the below. Ogilvy claims their creative team never saw Johnson’s work but after comparing the two there is no way the Ogilvy creative team came up with this on their own. What do you think?


UPS in super slow motion

UPS created this “make you look twice” person in motion for the streets of Jakarta. I was never that good with popsicle sticks.

Formula One racing on the streets of London anyone?

Red Bull has a knack for making the impossible happen. Last time I tried to race my Formula 1 race car in London they gave me a very expensive ticket.

Red Bull managed to get permission for Driver Mark Webber to drive through london and pull up to the Houses of Parliament for a pit stop.

What happens in vegas?

Luggage carousel advertising was all the rage a few years ago and I don’t think it’s coming back in full force anytime soon BUT…..This guerilla ad for Lance Burton’s show at the Monte Carlo casino is sure to sell some tickets.

Red Bull Air Drop… Coming to a campus near you

The objective was to surprise and delight students with samples of Red Bull in a unique and interactive way. Students became part of the campaign by self discovering an  “air drop” from red bull. The pictures speak for themselves.

Smart Marketing

A cute guerilla marketing campaign via BBDO Canada for Smart Car. I guarantee there will be at least one person who tries to steal it.

Audi Augmented Reality Calendar

Audi has taken the car out of car calendar….They sent out thousands of calendars that had a unique background image for each month. People were prompted to download an iPhone app that allows you to activate the calendar. Audi has created another flawless marketing campaign. Check it out with volume!