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Chinese Artist Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin uses camouflage to blend in with his environment. From what i’ve read he does this to “draw attention to the diminishing humanity in today’s society.” It’s amazing!



UPS in super slow motion

UPS created this “make you look twice” person in motion for the streets of Jakarta. I was never that good with popsicle sticks.

What happens in vegas?

Luggage carousel advertising was all the rage a few years ago and I don’t think it’s coming back in full force anytime soon BUT…..This guerilla ad for Lance Burton’s show at the Monte Carlo casino is sure to sell some tickets.

Red Bull Air Drop… Coming to a campus near you

The objective was to surprise and delight students with samples of Red Bull in a unique and interactive way. Students became part of the campaign by self discovering an  “air drop” from red bull. The pictures speak for themselves.

Bounty HUGE ROLL National Tour

Well what do we have here….. It’s called the Bounty Huge Roll tour. Standing at over 10 feet and weighing in at 400+ lb’s the Huge Roll is visiting wal-marts and supermarkets across the USA. For every person that becomes a fan of the Bounty Facebook fan page a roll of Bounty will be donated to charity.  I’m the one hanging off the cart and I am 6′ 3″

Samsung’s Shipping Container Camera

Cheil World Wide’s Creative Class created a huge camera from a shipping container to promote Samsung’s NX11 camera.  They’ve brought the level of interaction to new heights, where users must use their entire body weight to take a photo. Images taken by the device are displayed on a large digital screen on a building across from the camera
Watch a video of the project below: