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Ikea 3D Chalk Art live from Sydney Harbor Australia

Sometimes marketing is all about perception and not reality. IKEA capitalized on this by putting their brand new kitchen “in” or is it “on”  the Sydney Harbor area?You be the judge.



Art director Maximilian Pinegger and copywriter Justin Salice-Stephan, two 24-year-old’s from Miami Ad School designed this  airport luggage carousel guerrilla ad for the car and its roomy trunk. Amazing work guys!

What happens in vegas?

Luggage carousel advertising was all the rage a few years ago and I don’t think it’s coming back in full force anytime soon BUT…..This guerilla ad for Lance Burton’s show at the Monte Carlo casino is sure to sell some tickets.

Red Bull Air Drop… Coming to a campus near you

The objective was to surprise and delight students with samples of Red Bull in a unique and interactive way. Students became part of the campaign by self discovering an  “air drop” from red bull. The pictures speak for themselves.

Smart Marketing

A cute guerilla marketing campaign via BBDO Canada for Smart Car. I guarantee there will be at least one person who tries to steal it.

A “green” couch

The British have come up with a clever way to get its masses out of the house without having to leave the comfort of their couch. Great idea for a a brand who wants an eco-friendly twist.
The National Trust never had these around town when I was living in London.

Suck it up

I’m back from my blogging break.

The Electrolux Group is a Swedish manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. It’s great when old brands learn new tricks.  To promote their 2000 Watts vacuum cleaner they made this clever advert that shows it has a huge amount of power. They are starting to steal some of Dysons thunder.