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Ikea 3D Chalk Art live from Sydney Harbor Australia

Sometimes marketing is all about perception and not reality. IKEA capitalized on this by putting their brand new kitchen “in” or is it “on”  the Sydney Harbor area?You be the judge.



Art director Maximilian Pinegger and copywriter Justin Salice-Stephan, two 24-year-old’s from Miami Ad School designed this  airport luggage carousel guerrilla ad for the car and its roomy trunk. Amazing work guys!

Formula One racing on the streets of London anyone?

Red Bull has a knack for making the impossible happen. Last time I tried to race my Formula 1 race car in London they gave me a very expensive ticket.

Red Bull managed to get permission for Driver Mark Webber to drive through london and pull up to the Houses of Parliament for a pit stop.

HUNG: He’s got a Big One

I just found this and it tops my last post…..

Bounty HUGE ROLL National Tour

Well what do we have here….. It’s called the Bounty Huge Roll tour. Standing at over 10 feet and weighing in at 400+ lb’s the Huge Roll is visiting wal-marts and supermarkets across the USA. For every person that becomes a fan of the Bounty Facebook fan page a roll of Bounty will be donated to charity.  I’m the one hanging off the cart and I am 6′ 3″

Samsung’s Shipping Container Camera

Cheil World Wide’s Creative Class created a huge camera from a shipping container to promote Samsung’s NX11 camera.  They’ve brought the level of interaction to new heights, where users must use their entire body weight to take a photo. Images taken by the device are displayed on a large digital screen on a building across from the camera
Watch a video of the project below:

It’s not how much you weigh that makes you beautiful…..or is it?

Dove has had some innovative campaigns in the US but this one for Inner Beauty tips the scale. Numberless scales were place in female locker rooms and at swimming pools and women who look down to see their weight will read “Real beauty is not measured on kgs”.